1. The Leader
  2. My Musical World
  3. Searching for G-d
  4. America, America
  5. Showers from Heaven
  6. New York
  7. The Homeless' Home
  8. The Healing
  9. Mother
  10. Climbing to the Top
  11. The Dreamer
  12. The Tear in My Eye
  13. Dancing
  14. My Torah

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The Leader


Who is the leader of the animal kingdom?

It is the powerful bird soaring through the sky.

Gliding on his wings and serenely searching for his food.

Teaching all of the others the way to survive.

Who has respect for himself and for others?

It is the humble bird landing on the tree.

Dipping down from the sky to catch the fresh fish.

Never taking what he doesnít need.

Who cares about his children more than himself?

It is the polite bird who fishes through the ocean.

After hunting all day, he gives his best meat to his young.

Caring for others is his instinct it seems.

Who works everyday and every night?

It is the optimistic bird who laughs while suffering.

Soaking his head and digging with his beak,

He still can smile while lying through the air.

Who dances through the clouds swiftly and calmly?

It is the graceful bird up in the heavens.

He moves as if he has nothing to fear.

That tomorrow will bring only dreams and wishes.

Who should be king to rule over the world?

It is the loyal bird that is in the sky above.

He should be the ruler who decides justice,

For he is the wisest amongst all creatures.

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My Musical World


There are times when I feel so alone,

That the world seems to be frozen.

And I feel the ground spinning beneath me.

I look to find a way to let my soul go free.

When I listen to music I travel this path

And Iím suddenly transported to my imagination.

The steady beat soothes my mind from stress.

The soft melody enriches my soul.

My body dances to the beautiful sounds.

Whether I know what Iím listening to or not,

I will always be inspired by the art of music.

When I hear it my heart melts.

When I hear the words or notes,

I understand the message that the music is about.

I feel the pain or love in the song.

The tunes and the rhythm paints a picture in my mind.

I love the way I can always relate to this picture.

Music is my passion and the musical world is my home.

But when I return I never forget the experiences I had.

And I never hide from the truth in real life.

Nor do I miss this fantasy land.

You see, music is a pleasure I have.

Itís fun to imagine in the musical world.

But the real action is in my life right here on earth.

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Searching For G-d


Who is g-d?

Iíve been searching the world for answers to this mystery.

Many ideas have made sense, but none satisfy my curiosity.

I cannot understand the stories that are told.

Many years have passed now, but I am still puzzled.

How can I know without seeing?

How can I believe without knowing?

All day I wonder as if a trance has fallen upon me.

Now Iím not naming the people as liars,

But how can we know if there even is a g-d?

We cannot see, smell, or taste him,

So how do we know if he is there?

So many questions, and so many answers.

What to believe? We will never know.

But if you search your soul and follow the path of life,

You will feel g-d watching down on you and that will answer all of the questions.

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America, America


America, America. Iím approaching a new life.

A new chance to make it work.

A new name and a new reputation.

A new path to follow each day.

America, America. I smell the aroma of fresh baked bread.

I see the panorama of men working hard.

I hear the voices calling out to each other.

I feel the joy that awaits me.

America, America. Where the streets are paved with gold,

And opportunities jump before you.

The home of the free.

The land of the brave.

America, America. Iím mourning every second that stands between us.

Iím overwhelmed by your towns as big as the ocean.

I cannot wait to taste your justice,

And Iím wanting to become a part of you.

America, America. The country of pride.

I place I want to be a part of.

A place I want to call home.

America, America.

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Showers From Heaven


When I hear rain falling on my roof,

I think of the times I had with my friends in camp.

We used to run outside in the rain as if we had not a care in the world,

Like people dancing in the streets on New Years Eve.

When I see raindrops sparkling on my window,

I remember the times after the rainstorms.

My friends and I used to cuddle up in our cozy beds

And warm ourselves up with hot noodle soup.

When I feel raindrops falling on my head,

I dream of the heavenly days,

when we used to run around camp like a gust of wind,

blowing through the air softly and quickly.

When I touch the damp trees outside,

I long for the soft grass in the fields.

We used to lie down and daydream, watching the sky fall.

We sat their and the world melted into our dreams.

When I smell the fresh air outside,

I think of the way I woke up every morning.

Dreaming that the rain would fall and sprinkle us with memories.

Hoping that tomorrow would bring a new day with showers from the heavens once more.

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New York


New York.

A wondrous place where dreams come true.

How much I enjoy the feeling of the breeze blowing in my face.

How much I love the smell of hot dogs on the stands.

New York.

My home in the big apple.

So proud to be in the town that opens itís arms to strangers.

So delighted to live in the city that never sleeps.

New York.

Today brings joy and a new chance for life.

Tomorrow brings pride for my achievements.

Life is a circle that repeats over and over.

New York.

Her name is holy to all who know her.

And experienced the magic that she makes.

Changing your life and supporting your needs.

New York.

The pigeons know that she wasnít always heaven.

It took years to build the wonderful city.

But look at her now, shinning bright like a star.

New York.

How glad I am to belong to her miracles.

How lucky I feel to have her as my home.

I will never forget you, New York.

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The Homelessí Home


Once in a while, I think of my home,

On the highway from Manhattan to Queens.

I am glad to be there all alone,

On a step where I can dream.

My home is a place where I can go,

Without feeling embarrassed or shamed.

"Can I be friends with a rich" I want to know,

But before I can ask, they name.

I wonder how they feel in their Broadway flats,

All warm and fully fed.

They shoo us away like little rats,

I feel as if I am dead.

They brag until we can bare no more,

and give up on all of our hope.

I see them happy through that door,

But if I watch, I cannot cope.

Why donít we have a chance to gain?

To survive, we have to try.

I feel as lonesome as heavy rain,

falling from the sky.

Down from above, I am falling away,

From the chance to live and learn

Why Iím falling I cannot say,

But I know I will never return.

Were we ever like them, so powerful and strong?

Or were we always the loyal ones.

Now I see, they have it wrong,

And we are truly the suns.

For their homes are only houses on blocks,

They have no stories to be told.

But our homes bare the memories that shock,

And we bare the hearts of gold.

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Always There


I will always listen to my friends.

They count on me for advice and assistance.

I would always say yes to a person who needs me,

But why donít they care enough to thank me.

Iím always there if they need a hug.

And I always tell them whatís right.

But I wonder what would happen if I wasnít there.

Then they would realize what I do for them.

If they need help with work Iím always there.

If they are sick I always check up on them.

If they are sad I always help them lighten up.

If they have a question I always have an answer.

If they are puzzled with a decision to make,

Iím always there with advice from past experiences.

If they get in trouble and theyíre upset,

Iím always there to cheer them up.

If they have a secret they are dying to spill,

I will always listen without telling.

If they just need someone to listen,

My ears are always open.

Iím always there no matter what.

For they are my friends and I love them.

But sometimes I feel like they donít care

And then I wish for attention.

So please donít tell me that your sorry

Because sorry never helps.

Iíd much rather have you learn from this,

And always remember to thank me.

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The Healing


If I fall, I will always get back up again.

If I get sick, I will always heal after some time.

No matter what happens, I can always go on.

My life will be fine, I will smile again.

A cycle, a pattern that helps me survive.

Yesterday I was healthy, today I am sick.

But tomorrow Iíll be well again.

Thatís the way it goes.

Itís nothing but the song of life.

The steady beat repeats as the circle keeps moving.

We all depend on that beat to continue.

Healing ourselves we create the miraculous beat of life.

Over and over again.

The cycle keeps repeating.

Feel the pain, heal, then continue life.

A steady pattern that I am familiar with.

Sometimes I feel that my soul is wounded.

From a heartbreak, or just from depression.

I often feel dizzy and scared.

But whatever it is, I know I will heal.

Thatís what faith is.

When you believe that something or someone will save you.

I have faith that whatever happens, I will recover.

And that is the key to healing.

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My mother is a friend I know I can trust.

Through good, and through bad, she is there.

My mother teaches me about life.

She cares about my feelings.

When I look in her eyes, I see myself,

For everything I know comes from her.

Her hair falls gently like the wind on the beach.

Her kisses are as light as dreams.

Her eyes are as rich as chocolate.

Her skin is as soft as silk.

Her lips are a red as roses.

Her smile is as bright as the sun.

Her voice is as soothing as an angel.

Her words light up my day.

When I feel her in my arms,

I know that everything is fine.

My mother is my best friend.

I am blessed that I have her.

She cares for me and encourages me.

And this is why she is my mother.

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Climbing to the Top


Many times Iíve been asked "What did you ever do?"

"Why are you special?" or "What is important about you?"

I have many traits that are good for the world.

But what I do is in secret, so know one may ever know.

I help others who cannot help themselves.

I take care of those who are feeling sick.

I recognize some who never recognize back

But that doesnít matter at all.

I never forget a soul in the world.

I please all and praise all.

I watch what I say and I stop harm from happening.

I do what I can in every situation.

I care even though it doesnít effect me.

I know when to hold my thoughts and when to share.

I feel the pain of others

Even if they are no longer in pain.

I observe every creature without judging.

I give all a chance and never loose faith.

I believe what Iím told but I donít listen to rumors.

I care for everything and I take time to learn more.

So when I see others reaching the top or scoring the goal

I will never feel discouraged or sad.

Because I do things for other people

And to me that is the Everest of them all.

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The Dreamer


All of my life, Iíve been directed, this way, that way

It was never up to me to decide.

Now it has changed, for the better? I do not know.

I must decide for myself what will be.

Who will? I want to know.

But for some reason, god has kept this answer from me.

And all I know, there is someone out there,

I think itís so, but I cannot be sure.

For what if no one can love me back?

I dread the thought but who says itís impossible?

How can I pick without knowing for sure

Whoís for me in this world of many possibilities?

I am as confused as a rabbit lost in the woods.

I think I know who it is

But if I look the other way, what will I miss?

One is the right way for me, but which?

I must go with my instinct to decide.

But my mind is as weak as an army without weapons.

I love this one, but I am afraid I am not loved back.

Yet this one loves me, but do I feel the same?

I must make up my mind for time is passing me by.

I know! I love this one-

But what is this, my love is taken?

How can I live now that no love is for me?

How could I have been such a fool?

I am alone now, With no one to love

I see my dream flying away.

I am now old, without a hope in the world.

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The Tear In My Eye


The tear in my eye is as beautiful as a rainbow descending through the sunset.

It shows the life of one who loves another, but harm has fallen upon him.

Falling from the eye, a drop of salt water.

Water is life, salt is the troubles and consequences that follow.

The tear in my eye means affection towards a creature

Who broke my heart like a wave breaking on the bay of the ocean.

Letting go of the memories, I shed a tear,

A tear to remind me of my incompleteness without love.

A tear in the palm of my hand.

I hold on to the past but look to the future.

May I remember this moment and never let go.

May I go on with my life and proceed helping others.

A tear in my eye represents happiness and love.

As I prevail in this deed I feel as proud as a mother watching her baby take his first step.

I am surprised and shocked, but I knew I could do it.

The world is mine, I can do anything.

A tear in my eye is a secret emotion.

I feel happiness towards a friend but I cannot explain it.

I must be proud for him but I wonít steal his moment.

Instead Iíll just cry and hide my pride.

A tear in my eye is a way of saying I care.

For a friend, for a lover, for myself, there is a feeling.

There is a reason for all, but I cannot explain,

My love, my pride, my life, all in a tear.

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Dancing is the joy in our lives.

Expressing the way we feel with movement.

We donít often have a way to listen to our souls.

But through this prayer, we can let our minds go free.

When I feel lonely, I look to this friend

Who will always see me through.

When I am sad, when I am joyous,

I can always find my mood and dance to it.

I see myself dancing like a bird,

And I know that what I do will be enjoyed by others.

For dancing is very much like a poem,

Painting a mood and a feeling in your heart.

Dance is the language spoken by artists

Who understand feelings and thoughts.

Not everyone can speak in a dance

But Iíve studied for so long and I know these mysteries.

The secret to speaking in a dance

Is feeling what statement you are making.

For this statement affects many others

Who look for inspiration in a dance.

The feelings that you express while floating through the air,

Are more than just your opinion

They can make you happy when you feel upset.

And comfort you when you are blue.

Next time you dance and move swiftly like the wind,

Remember that you are not just doing a step.

Your lives will be happier with a little expression.

For dancing is the joy in your lives.

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My Torah


Something there is that is special about the Torah

Belonging to the past but refers to the future.

Guiding me through the laws and enlightening my life.

Nurtures my soul and teaching my mind.


Something there is that is special about the Torah.

Teaching me how to conduct myself.

Her laws as clear as the blue sky above.

Protecting me from the harms of my time.


Something there is that is special about the Torah.

My ancestorsí lives written upon her very parchment.

I look up to the heroes that saved my nation.

I praise the lord who brought me to The Promise Land.

Something there is that is special about the Torah.

Transporting me to my own world when I read her pages.

Her stories as meaningful as the patterns of our lives.

Saying what has happened and leaving the rest hidden.

Something there is that is special about my Torah.

Knowing life and determining my future.

I trust her protection and believe what she says.

I will remember her stories and she shall never die.

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