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What's this?  E.L.'s new date?

(Yes, it's Ben Affleck.  Does J-Lo know who her new competition is?)

(Reality: Photo taken by Paparazzi at the cast party for the premiere of the movie  Jersey Girl on March 9th, 2004 at the Hard Rock Cafe.)


Hi! My name is E.L. This is a picture of me, having fun at the dentist! I hope nothing falls into my mouth while I'm waiting for the dentist to return!
Erica at dentist
Here I am getting ready to play basketball!
And here I am at Epcot, in the Norway pavillion, under the statue of the the world's biggest troll!
Erica with a troll

Space Jam Pictures

I just had my 10th birthday, and my mom made me a Space Jam birthday party. Here are some great pictures to view, print, or download. If you have Windows '95, to save the pictures first view them and then right-click on them and select the "Save As" option, and give them a name.