Business Jargon, from "Green Weenies & Due Dil1gence", - by Ron Sturgeon

Company Cholesterol - The buildup of information, staff or other bottlenecks that impede a company's ability to perform.

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Mouse Milking - A project that requires maximum effort for minimum returns

Peel the Onion - Dig deeper into an issue.

Pushing a Bowling Ball through a Snake - Things that are hard to do, and painfully slow.

The Toothpaste is Out of the Tube - Something said or done prematurely or without adequate planning, which is now difficult to undo.

Tripping on Midgets - Being Undone by Small Details.

Wallet Biopsy - Sizing up a potential customer for their financial capability before trying to sell to them.

Drag an Oar - To slow down the rest of the team by being lazy or unwilling.

Hit-and-run Management

Breathing Our Own Exhaust - Listening to or feeding off one's own ideas to the point of excluding other information crucial to making better decisions.

Fish in the Boat - Until you get the fish in the boat, it's not caught. Same thing about closing a sale.

Groom or Broom - For a weak employees. You either have to groom them and get them productive, or broom them out the door.